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Thursday, January 12th


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Welcome Greetings (Room A)


Invited Speaker (Room A)

Ad Neeleman



Coffee Break


Session 1A


Session 1B

Syntax and morphology


Marcel Den Dikken and Éva Dékány:

Silent nouns in the syntax of special uses of personal proper names

Miloje Despic and Michael Hamilton:

Consequences of Labelling for Morphophonology


Hiromune Oda:

Definite articles need not project DP:

A more fine-grained NP/DP-language distinction

Hero Patrianto and Victoria Chen:

Rethinking Indonesian-type passives:

A view from Javanese


András Bárány:

Interaction, satisfaction, and (a)symmetric object agreement

Paula Fenger and Philipp Weisser:

Matching locality domains across modules:

A case study from Sinhala


Jason Overfelt:

The syntax of sluicing-like constructions in English

Ido Benbaji, Omri Doron and Adele Hénot Mortier:

Distinguishing levels of morphological derivations in word-embedding models


Lunch Break


Invited Speakers (Form-meaning mismatches – Room A)

Artemis Alexiadou and Elena Anagnostopoulou





Session 2A

Syntax and semantics

Session 2B

Special Session

Form-meaning mismatches


Meghan Lim:

An event semantics analysis for the bridging effects of verbs of creation

Tom Roberts:

There isn’t a form-meaning mismatch in double negation slifting, I don’t think


Nadja Fiebig:

Asserted and Presupposed Gender on Animal Nouns

Vesela Simeonova:

Fake evidentials in counterfactuals:

form-meaning mismatches


Janek Guerrini:

Keeping ‘fake’ simple:

a similarity-based theory

Johannes Hein and Andrew Murphy:

Directional syncretism without directional rules


Polina Pleshak:

Nominal size and case assignment in a PP

Bronwyn M. Bjorkman, Elizabeth Cowper, Daniel Currie Hall, Daniel Siddiqi and Isabelle Boyer:

Limits on pronominal gender:

A semantic account of a morphological pattern




Poster Session 1 + apéritif


NELS internal business meeting



Friday, January 13th


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Session 3A


Session 3B

Phonology and morphology


Lucas Fagen:

Numerals maximize over degrees:

evidence from exclusives and polarity

Jelena Stojković:

C-V interactions in Polish without segmental co-occurrence


Carol Rose Little, Scott Anderbois and Jessica Coon:

The iota type-shifter in headless relative clauses:

Implications from Mayan

Eva Zimmermann, Razieh Shojaei, Ekaterina Medvedeva and Prithivi Pattanayak:

Degrees of dominance:

Lexical accent typology as argument for gradient representations


Raquel Montero Estebaranz and Maribel Romero:

Examining the Meaning of Polarity Subjunctive in Peninsular Spanish

Tsung-Ying Chen:

A ‘starting-small’ effect on biased learning of transparent and opaque vowel harmony




Thomas Grano:

A unified analysis of rationale clauses


Pavel Caha, Karen De Clercq and Guido Vanden Wyngaerd:

Allomorphy without context specification:

A case study of Czech n



Annemarie van Dooren and Anouk Dieuleveut:

Interpreting past epistemic modals in Dutch, English and French

Lydia Felice:

Root-Affix Sensitivity Across Phases:

The View from Kabyle


Lunch Break

TerraLing meeting



Session 4A


Session 4B

Special Session

Visual communication

and sign language


Valerie Wurm:

Epistemic modality as an indicator of deliberate reasoning

Evgeniia Khristoforova:

Implicational Complementation Hierarchy and size restructuring in sign languages:

evidence from control clauses in Sign Language of the Netherlands


Paloma Jeretic and Deniz Özyıldız:

Perfectivity disrupts neg-raising

Andrew Nevins and Diane Stoianov:

Word Order and Differential Object Marking in Three Cohorts of CENA Signers




Zi Huang:

POSS-ing as Kimian states

Cornelia Loos and Marc Schulder:

Searching for negative polarity items in DGS


Yağmur Sağ and Ömer Demirok:

Getting even without “even” in Turkish

Linghui Eva Gan:

Perspective Blend and Indexical Shift in Hong Kong Sign Language (HKSL)




Invited Speaker (Visual communication and sign language – Room A)

Diane Brentari





Poster Session 2 + apéritif


Conference Dinner (details)

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Saturday, January 14th


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Session 5A


Session 5B

Syntax and semantics


Shweta Akolkar:

Co-occurring classifiers and plural morpheme in Bishnupriya Manipuri

Shiori Ikawa:

Simplex and Complex Anaphors Revisited


Lena Borise and Ekaterina Georgieva:

The role of Lowering and non-cyclic heads in Udmurt stress placement

Einar Freyr Sigurðsson, Oddur Snorrason and Jim Wood:

Syntactic and semantic agreement in coordinated clauses




Johanna Benz:

The syntax of the content reading in German nominalizations

Andrew Weir:

John and possibly Mary:

a conjoined free relative analysis


Coppe Van Urk and Adam Chong:

On the preference for nonconcatenative morphology in Dinka

Christine Soh Yue:

Sakha “say” complementization:

A Case-by-Agree approach




Invited Speaker – Room A

Viola Schmitt



Lunch Break


Invited Speaker – Room A

Aditi Lahiri (prerecorded)




Session 6A

Syntax and semantics

Session 6B

Syntax and semantics


Faruk Akkus:

Turkish causatives embed a thematic VoiceP, and the Causee is an argument

Ido Benbaji and David Pesetsky:

E-Extension and the Uniformity of Silence


Yuta Tatsumi:

Anaphoric interpretations of the nominal use of Japanese classifier phrases

Ziling Zhu and Yimei Xiang:

Why ‘surprise’ doesn’t embed ‘whether’?:

question-to-cleft reduction




Jessica Coon and Martina Martinović:

Predication, Specification, and Equation in Ch’ol

Isabelle Charnavel and Dominique Sportiche:

One SELF to bind them all


Jonathan Palucci:

Modal Ingredients of Causative ‘have’

Gísli Rúnar Harðarson, Cherlon Ussery and Annika Simonsen:

I’ll Give You that Interpretation If You Give Me the Right Configuration:

Accounting for the Gradience of Inverse Scope in Insular Scandinavian


Closing Remarks


Poster sessions

Session 1 (12th)

Session 2 (13th)

Aaron Braver:

Degree of Neutralization in Xhosa’s ‘Unnatural’ Labial Palatalization

Jianrong Yu and Lena Heynen:

Equating by quantifying over kinds:

Dutch zo…als equatives

Milica Denić and Jakub Szymanik:

Recursive numeral systems optimize the trade-off between lexicon size and average morphosyntactic complexity

Marloes Oomen, Tobias de Ronde and Floris Roelofsen:

A procedure for annotating non-manual markers in question sentences in sign languages

Lefteris Paparounas and Martin Salzmann:

Reciprocal = Floating quantifier + anaphor:

Evidence from Modern Greek

Gaurav Mathur and Christian Rathmann:

Constraints on interactions between morphological processes and gesture in signed languages

Paula Fenger:

Words (a)cross domains:

lessons from Japanese verbs

Aleksei Nazarov:

Restrictiveness of constraint indexation:

a case study on segmental contrast

Sören Eggert Tebay:

Parallel interaction between infixation and root domain constraints

Silvia Terenghi:

Counting heads:

A structural constraint on typological variation in personal pronouns

Pamela Goryczka:

Root suppletion in Italian:

a nanosyntactic account

Razieh Shojaei:

A unified account of compound and affix-induced accentuation in Japanese

Armel Jolin:

Kipsigis across-the-board tonal polarity is epiphenomenal

Aljosa Milenkovic:

Towards a less restrictive theory of tone-stress interaction

Johannes Rothert:

An experimental investigation of the case matching requirement in Polish ATB movement and RNR

Jun Lyu and Elsi Kaiser:

Empathic and logophoric binding of Chinese reflexives:

An experimental investigation

Suzana Fong:

Pronouncing PRO in Wolof

Robin Jenkins:

Accusative case in Turkish and Uyghur and the articulation of the verbal field

Peter Grishin:

How to covertly move:

Evidence from Passamaquoddy-Wolastoqey

Ting Xu, William Snyder and Stella Christie:

Investigating children’s understanding of Mandarin you ‘again’ with goal-PPs

Esmail Moghiseh:

Split exhaustification and uniqueness:

Farsi yek –i DPs

Michela Ippolito:

The Hell Bias

Madeleine Butschety:

‘We (with) Maria’ — it’s a match! Plural pronouns as quantificational expressions

Will Wegner and Josh Phillips:

Diyari marla:

the pathway from intensifier to aspectual NPI

Irene Smith:

Doubt and anti-additivity

Imke Kruitwagen, James Hampton, Yoad Winter and Joost Zwarts:

Alternate Typicality:

a Formal-Conceptual Semantics of Reciprocal Alternations

Jens Hopperdietzel:

Manner/result polysemy as contextual allosemy:

Evidence from Daakaka

Marcin Wągiel and Natalia Shlikhutka:

Declustering aggregates:

A semantic analysis of Ukrainian singulatives

Diti Bhadra and Arka Banerjee:

Obligation, prohibition, non-finite complementation

Marie-Luise Schwarzer:

Subject Co-Reference in Antecedent Contained Deletion

Philipp Weisser:

A two-step clitic placement algorithm in Khwarshi

Emily Drummond:

Syntactic ergativity without inversion:

A composite probe analysis of ergative extraction

Haoming Li:

The Syntax and Semantics of Asymmetrical ATB Wh-Constructions in Mandarin Chinese

Aron Hirsch and Bernhard Schwarz:

Type disambiguation and logical strength

Imke Driemel, Johannes Hein, Desiré Carioti, Jakob Wünsch, Vina Tsakali, Artemis Alexiadou, Uli Sauerland and Maria Teresa Guasti:

An experimental study on kind and generic readings across languages: bare plural vs. definite plural

Ingrid Bondevik and Terje Lohndal:

Not all adjuncts are islands – the special case of conditional om ‘if’ in Norwegian

Nikolaos Angelopoulos and Dimitris Michelioudakis:

Extraction without an escape hatch:

the case of Greek possessor extraction

Mathieu Paille:

Two new arguments for additives as de-exhaustifiers

Andrew Hedding:

Focus is not sufficient for an interrogative interpretation of quexistentials

Jon Ander Mendia and M.Teresa Espinal:

Unconventional measurements

David Basilico:

Voiced and Voiceless Intransitives in Halkomelem Salish:

Rethinking Antipassives

Cory Bill, Aurore Gonzalez, Imke Driemel and Tamar Makharoblidze:

As complex as they appear:

Children’s comprehension of conjunctive expressions in Georgian

Shannon Bryant, Iva Kovač and Susanne Wurmbrand:

Forward, Backward, Crossed:

Voice restructuring and semantic binding

Lefteris Paparounas:

Phrasal layering versus complex heads:

Evidence from Greek stative passives

Qiuhao Charles Yan:

Ambiguity in High/Low Construal Revisited:

Wh-Complementizer, Structures of SAY Verbs, and Temporal Modification

Sara Amido and Sebastian Buchczyk:

Whether-exclamatives and the division of labour in answers to questions

Zhouyi Sun:

Mixed probe, competing for licensing and information-structual neutrality in Shilluk

Selikem Gotah and Soo-Hwan Lee:

Negation in Ewe (Tongugbe) Agent Nominalization

Magdalena Lohninger and Ka Fai Yip:

(In)dependence of features on composite probes

Arthur Mateos:

Unmarked and distantly assigned case in ATB movement

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